Flex DVD is the latest technology in the DVD replication industry. This lighter, more "flexible" DVD-5 has the standard capacity of 4.7GB (same as a DVD-5), however, it is only 0.6MM thick! Fast becoming a preferred option for mailing and publishing scenarios, the Flex DVD also offers other benefits. Because less material is used, the Flex DVD appeals to today’s corporate environment of "going green", as well as to environmentally-conscious consumers.

Add its durability and the Flex DVD is ideal for any disc-based direct mail application due to its resilience to breakage, shattering, and cracking – not to mention the immense savings on postage! 

Why use Flex DVD?


The flexible nature of the disc allows the Flex DVD to move through sorting machinery at U.S. Postal Service sort facilities. The fact that the disc will "flex" and is thinner than a standard disc allows a direct mail piece using this disc to be classified as "Standard Mail – Easy Non-automation or Flats". Postage is significantly cheaper as there is no "special handling" necessary. The disc is also 33% lighter than a standard DVD-5 adding to the savings.


In recent years, many disc-based direct mail campaigns experienced a relatively high percentage of "breakage in transit" as digital marketing professionals relied on various carriers to deliver their discs to the doors of businesses and consumers. Packaging systems were created to minimize the amount of discs damaged in transit, however, in all mail or express delivery applications - results were still unacceptable. Flex DVD eliminates breakage in transit by providing a flexible, resilient disc product that will almost NEVER crack, break, or become damaged.


As corporations and organizations in the U.S.A. become more and more conscious of their impact on the
environment, the Flex DVD is clearly a more "green" disc replication solution for these same companies to consider. Our molding technology uses half the polycarbonate and chemicals that a standard DVD-5 replication process normally uses. Over time, the benefits to the environment from a pollution and recycling standpoint are truly significant factors.


While the Flex DVD format represents a brand new disc format, the disc plays and performs exactly like its DVD-5 counterpart. The disc functions and plays at optimal levels in all players on the market today. From set-top DVD players to DVD drives in computers and lap tops, maximum playability levels were reached during a vigorous research and development process and these levels are almost identical to standard DVD-5 discs in the market today.

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