USB Duplication

In the age of information and digital media, where virtually everything is needed quickly, people want a convenient and portable means of storing the digital information they need to retain for school, work, and other uses. Unlike CD and DVDs, USB drives are designed for repeated long-term use, and are often the perfect product to delivery your message. 

Datasis Corporation, with its extensive experience in the digital medial field, provides a full array of USB-related services including duplication, printing, and custom content design. Let us help you put your existing website or sales presentation onto a wide variety of flash drive styles, and capacities. Or we can work with you to design auto-run files, marketing messages, USB backup utilities and encryption technologies.

The benefits of USB flash drives include:

  • Unique and completely customizable
  • Available in a variety of styles and memory capacities
  • Easy to carry and distribute; perfect for tradeshows
  • Perceived benefit from the potential client; USB drives viewed as a tool instead of gift
  • Built-in encryption is readily available
And because the end user retains your USB drive, your company name is always in front of your customer. What better way to promote your company and/or products than to provide a useful technology device with custom logos for long-lasting brand awareness!

Don’t trust just anyone with your USB project. We provide only top-quality memory and packaging, and offer in-house design services. We truly are your one-stop source for all of your duplication needs including USB! We have a large selection of USB drives for you to choose from. If you cannot find what you are looking for in our USB duplication section of our website, please contact an account manager.
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